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NBCC’s School of Health and Wellness to reach more learners thanks to Medavie

Medavie Foundation donates $100,000 to NBCC’s Going Beyond Campaign

NBCC’s School of Health and Wellness will train more health care workers thanks to a $100,000 boost from Medavie, through the Medavie Foundation, to the college’s Going Beyond campaign.

The gift to NBCC’s Going Beyond campaign will help develop virtual classrooms and health simulation labs, aligning with Medavie’s mission of improving the wellbeing of Canadians.

“Our students are getting hands-on learning in modern spaces, using up-to-date tools and technology for a more immersive, memorable experience, thanks to investments from generous donors like Medavie,” said Mary Butler, President and CEO of NBCC. “The Medavie gift also supports the establishment of virtual classrooms that make the training of tomorrow’s frontline healthcare workers more accessible.”

Combining the HoloLens headsets with augmented reality software, learners can explore 3D patient simulation holograms, or interact with full-size, human anatomy holograms. By using this software, NBCC can ensure students receive equal access to experiential, applied learning.

“As a health solutions partner, Medavie is invested in health care service and delivery across New Brunswick and elsewhere in Canada,” says Bernard Lord, CEO, Medavie. “We depend on qualified health care workers to help us bring care to communities across this province and are proud to be able to invest in the training and education of our local health care workers of tomorrow. An investment in NBCC’s Going Beyond campaign, through our Foundation, allows us to make an impact on the wellbeing of New Brunswickers.”

As more donors join the Going Beyond campaign, NBCC is focused on creating more future-forward learning opportunities through spaces, tools, and technology.

Medavie joins a host of industry partners who have come together to support NBCC’s Going Beyond campaign. The $16-million campaign charts a course for NBCC to:

  • accelerate skills development by creating fast, flexible training opportunities such as microcredentials and shorter pathways to certification;

  • innovate educational delivery by creating modern, connected spaces, and introducing new technology such as accessible HyFlex classrooms, surface hubs, and simulation labs; and

  • reach unprecedented numbers of New Brunswickers by reducing financial barriers to post-secondary education through targeted bursaries for under-represented groups such as Indigenous students, women in trades, and people of colour.

About NBCC: As one of New Brunswick’s largest postsecondary education institutions, NBCC drives social and economic wellbeing across the province. NBCC welcomes 11,000 learners each year through quality-assured, relevant training opportunities. Supported by the Going Beyond campaign, NBCC is committed to accelerating skills development, innovating educational delivery, and reaching unprecedented numbers of New Brunswickers. Find out more at:

About Medavie: Medavie is a national health solutions partner that integrates benefits management, health management and health care delivery. Together, with our team of more than 8,000 professionals, we are committed to improving the wellbeing of Canadians. Through the Medavie Foundation, we proudly invest in communities to help address some of Canada's most pressing mental and physical health challenges.

Media Contact: Karen Rawlines, Campaign Communications Coordinator

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