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NBCC’s Going Beyond campaign to transform New Brunswick’s workforce

NBCC set forth its vision to transform New Brunswick’s workforce with the launch of its first-ever fundraising campaign, Going Beyond, today.

In an event held at the College’s Trades Education Centre in Saint John, NBCC President and CEO Mary Butler unveiled a bold plan to respond to what she called New Brunswick’s “critical moment.”

“With a third of our labour force set to retire in the next few years, automation disrupting our existing jobs, and the lowest percentage of post-secondary attainment among the provinces, we need to do more,” said Butler. “With a proven track record of fueling New Brunswick’s workforce, we are ready to take on this challenge.”

The $16-million campaign charts a course for NBCC to:

  • Accelerate skills development by creating fast, flexible training opportunities that meet the needs of learners and employers;

  • Innovate educational delivery through the use of new tools, technology, spaces, and partnerships; and

  • Reach unprecedented numbers of New Brunswickers by reducing the barriers that prevent people from seeking training.

“We’re asking our industry and community partners to join us in being catalysts for this transformative change in post-secondary education,” said Butler.

The Going Beyond campaign is chaired by James D. Irving, the owner and co-CEO of J.D. Irving, Limited, who called upon his fellow industry leaders to support NBCC’s vision.

“Keeping and growing talented young people here at home in New Brunswick with valued skills and expertise is important,” said Irving. “NBCC is foundational in developing young New Brunswickers. We are happy to step up and kick-start the private sector fundraising for this important institution in the province.”

Irving’s commitment, along with J.D. Irving, Limited’s gift of $1 million, inspired early fundraising success, with $12.9 million already committed. NBCC will announce other donors over the coming weeks and months.

About NBCC:

With six campuses across New Brunswick, NBCC’s quality-assured, relevant training opportunities support the needs of learners, employers, and communities, contributing to New Brunswick’s social and economic prosperity. Find out more about skills development training at NBCC by visiting


Tanya Greer, Lead, Strategic Communications, NBCC



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