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Gardner Electric Ltd. donates $50,000 to NBCC’s Going Beyond campaign

Gardner Electric Ltd., an electrical contracting firm that relies on a skilled workforce to manage complex and challenging projects, has joined the growing list of industry partners giving to NBCC's Going Beyond campaign.

Gardner Electric’s $50,000 donation supports NBCC's efforts to reduce barriers, such as distance and financial challenges, that have traditionally put training out of reach for some learners.

“With nearly a third of New Brunswick’s current workforce due to retire by 2027, the province has a critical need for skilled workers,” said Mary Butler, President and CEO of NBCC. “Donors like Gardner Electric support our commitment to ensuring that every New Brunswicker has the opportunity to develop the skills necessary for meaningful work.”

NBCC’s Going Beyond campaign aims to equip new generations of workers with the skills needed to fill the jobs of today and tomorrow. Derek Jones, Vice-President of Gardner Electric Ltd., said that by investing in the NBCC campaign, “we are collectively providing an opportunity for the next generation to learn the necessary skills with state-of-the-art tools which will carry the workforce into the future.”

“Gardner Electric is pleased and proud to be a part of an innovative campaign that is focused on providing employment skills to young New Brunswickers that will, in turn, help New Brunswick become a stronger province and encourage young people to stay and prosper at home,” said Jones.

Gardner Electric Ltd. is the latest industry partner to recognize the value of NBCC’s Going Beyond campaign to transform New Brunswick’s workforce by:

  • accelerating skills development by creating fast, flexible training opportunities that meet the needs of learners and employers;

  • innovating educational delivery through the use of new tools, technology, spaces, and partnerships; and

  • reaching unprecedented numbers of New Brunswickers by reducing the barriers that prevent people from seeking training.

About NBCC: As one of New Brunswick’s largest postsecondary education institutions, NBCC drives social and economic wellbeing across the province. NBCC welcomes 11,000 learners each year through quality-assured, relevant training opportunities. Supported by the Going Beyond campaign, NBCC is committed to accelerating skills development, innovating educational delivery, and reaching unprecedented numbers of New Brunswickers. Find out more at:

About Gardner Electric Ltd.: Gardner Electric Ltd., a highly qualified electrical contractor serving Atlantic Canada, prides itself on work quality, versatility and ability to successfully manage complex and challenging projects with operational excellence and safety. The Gardner Team, using their skills and experience, have completed some of the most complex and demanding construction projects in Atlantic Canada. All projects are coordinated and managed by a specialized team through a budgeting, pricing, preplanning, procurement and daily scheduling, productivity and cost reporting system.

Media Contact: Tanya Greer, Lead, Strategic Communications Tel: (506) 440-9105


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