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AV Group donates $100,000 to NBCC’s Going Beyond Campaign

January 20, 2023

AV Group, a specialty pulp producer serving the textile industry, has committed $100,000 to NBCC’s Going Beyond campaign to support the College’s goal of reaching more learners than ever before.

The company, which operates pulp mills in Nackawic and Atholville, is investing in initiatives to support students financially, as well as technology and equipment to remove barriers to education, such as distance or financial challenges. Their gift will also contribute to initiatives that will take training into communities and build awareness of NBCC’s skills development opportunities among high school students.

“With an aging workforce, the lowest post-secondary attainment rate in Canada, and a high number of jobs at risk of technological disruption, New Brunswick is facing a critical shortage of skilled workers to fill the jobs of today and tomorrow,” said Mary Butler, President and CEO of NBCC. “Together, with partners like AV Group, NBCC is transforming New Brunswick’s workforce with skills training opportunities that meet the needs of learners and employers.”

“By 2030, close to 50 per cent of our workforce will be over 55 years of age and eligible for retirement,” said Ashley Irvine, President and Unit Head, AV Group NB. “The need to replace this generation of workers is urgent. Demand for forest products, like the viscose fibre derived from AV Group pulp, is increasing globally due to consumer demand for renewably sourced textiles and so is the demand for workers with the required skills to produce our world class products.”

“Great pulp is made by great people in great communities and NBCC produces many of those great people critical to AV Group’s success,” John Howell, Mill Manager AV Nackawic. “We see our contribution to the Going Beyond campaign as an investment in our future workforce, an investment that will increase the reach and quality of skilled labour training and compliment our fold of more than 200 proud NBCC graduates currently working in all facets of our operations.”

AV Group is one of the many industry partners who have stepped forward to support NBCC’s Going Beyond campaign. The $16-million campaign charts a course for NBCC to:

  • accelerate skills development by creating fast, flexible training opportunities that meet the needs of learners and employers;

  • innovate educational delivery through the use of new tools, technology, spaces, and partnerships; and

  • reach unprecedented numbers of New Brunswickers by reducing the barriers that prevent people from seeking training.

About NBCC: As one of New Brunswick’s largest postsecondary education institutions, NBCC drives social and economic wellbeing across the province. NBCC welcomes 11,000 learners each year through quality-assured, relevant training opportunities. Supported by the Going Beyond campaign, NBCC is committed to accelerating skills development, innovating educational delivery, and reaching unprecedented numbers of New Brunswickers. Find out more at:

About AV Group: Established in 1997, AV Group leads by example, creating opportunity and economic growth through investment in new technologies, employees and strategic partnerships. As a member of The Aditya Birla Group based in India, its mandate is to produce specialty pulp products to service the textile industry.

Media Contact:

Tanya Greer, Lead, Strategic Communications Tel: (506) 440-9105


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